My intention is to support you, wherever you are on your journey, and offer S P A C E to explore
healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth. 

Through inner work we shift not only ourselves but also our families, communities, and ultimately the world. 

We are a commUNITY and the impact you have is greater than you can imagine!

I have been doing energy work with Valisha for quite some time. Today was our first opportunity to do a Bespoke 1 on 1 session (why did I wait so long?!). I left today feeling inspired, invigorated and more solid in my footing than I ever have...what makes Valisha incredible is that she is able to shed light on "the hows." Her vast knowledge is like no other and her true caring, nurturing spirit comes through with every interaction. Valisha, or my oracle as I renamed her, is the real deal. I'm so blessed and beyond grateful to have her in my life. - H. S.

In just the few short months that I have worked with Valisha, I have already found a more balanced me.  She helps me continue to grow and learn more about my body and respect who I am as an individual in this universe.  I highly recommend working with her.  You will learn, have fun and feel more fulfilled! - K.M.

Thank you for your voice of reason and inspiration.  You have no idea the impact you've made in my life. - D.P. 


Together we can create positive habits to embolden your life, your relationships, your communities, your world.

Healing at home, at your own pace.



  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy
  • Sleep better
  • Control thoughts easier
  • Feel a sense of calm, peace and balance
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, anger and confusion
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Maintain a present moment awareness


  • Start or deepen a daily meditation practice
  • Feel connected to yourself and loved ones
  • Find balance in daily life and reclaim your power
  • Learn to listen to your body, heal "wounds" and create shifts
  • Strengthen your intuition and listen to it daily
  • Maintain a wider perspective and lead a more satisfying life
  • Uncover your soul's purpose and live in alignment
  • Feel more fulfilled and comfortable setting boundaries
  • Discover your smile ~ voice ~ heart ~ passion ~ creativity again

You are WORTHY of so much...

health, balance, freedom, clarity, love, vitality, joy, abundance, ease. 




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