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I am a mother, teacher, healer, and entrepreneur.

I began my career focused on building women's confidence through external beauty. Cosmetics and fashion are fun. Adornment is creative and fulfilling, but sometimes those feelings are fleeting.

After years in the corporate world, I yearned for more day-to-day balance, so I birthed a business, and my life as an entrepreneur began. Quickly loving individual client work, I knew I was following the right path. Working with women directly, rather than behind the corporate barrier, caused my world to light up. My energy was flowing and I quickly developed a sisterhood of clients. But I still craved something deeper. That's when the shift towards inner work began. After experiencing my own spiritual awakening, I began studying and earning holistic certifications in reiki, crystal therapy, meditation, and herbal care.

When I began working with clients on a deeper level, focusing on "inner work," I knew this was my path. It was my gift to myself and my gift to share.

My own transformation has been profound, and my joy and sense of contentment is overflowing. When I'm faced with the daily ups and downs of life, as we all are, I tap into my inner reservoir of peace and happiness. This has allowed me to view whatever situation I'm in from a wider perspective, to become less reactionary, and to experience a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Spirituality can be mistaken as living in a fluffy happiness bubble. When in fact its quite different. It's about shifting, evolving and ascending which requires stepping outside your comfort zone, honoring your feelings (the good and the uncomfortable) and often dismantling safe routines.

If you want a change, even the smallest one consider changing your movement patterns, your thought patterns, your eating patterns, and your relating patterns. Even one little change will make a significant shift in your daily experience. Try it. Surrender and become a willing participant in changing your life. 

A glimpse of my life via Instagram @valishalasker.