Full Moon Circle


Sun. Dec 3

(9 am - 11 am)


Anybody looking to honor or heighten their intuition or lift themselves out of a low energy funk, join us. We'll be gathering Sunday Dec 3, 2017. Address provided upon registration. 
♥️ A portion of the Circle will be donated to rescue and relocate 90 dogs 🐶 left behind in Puerto Rico. ♥️ The flight is scheduled for next month.

Nutrition & Intuition 


Sat. Dec 16

(6 pm - 8 pm)


You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed but the way you respond has. This is true energy self mastery. ðŸ‘âš¡ï¸ðŸ‘ We'll be talking more #Truth Sat. Dec 16 at 6:00 pm at the Twisted Tree Cafe in Asbury Park. Join me for a yummy vegan meal and soul sharing wisdom.
⚡️Who wants to be inspired? ⚡️

Conscious CommUNITY 


Access it anytime and work at your own pace

Released once a month during the New Moon

$29 /mo

Each month you'll receive:

~  A 45 minute video sent to your email which includes:

  • A guided meditation.
  • A journal exercise to help you look inward and find clarity.
  • A herbalogy recipe or ritual to connect with the healing energy of the planet. 
  • An easy to understand explanation of the current astrological influences.

~  A set of reiki-charged healing crystals AND herbs to support your body and mind throughout the month.

~  Access to the online Conscious CommUNITY.   A place to share or receive support, exchange ideas, and inspire more collective consciousness in your life, your family, your community and the world. 

~  Monthly opportunities to gather online and in-person (if you're in NJ).   Magic happens when we come together with the same intention.

We all have a unique calling or way in which we serve, and each are valuable and needed.  We may feel called to help or we may need help.  Join us and feel the connection...the validation, the acceptance, the inspiration and the love.

Think of the Conscious CommUNITY as your tribe.

We're in this together. Let's co-create a more collective consciousness.