:: G R A T I T U D E:: Water Ceremony

Last weekend's online Circles allowed us to bloom, as we grow and connect across the United States.

Last week, as the Summer Solstice was upon us in the Norther Hemisphere and the school year ended, we took to the beach as often as possible to lay by the ocean waves and soak in all the goodness Mother Nature provides. We're at the mid-year mark and nature is in full bloom.  The sun is at its height. Life is vivid. Life is fun. As Alexandra Roxo says, "this is the year's orgasm." Get out and enjoy it.

My kids played in the sand and made friends for the day digging for treasures and running free in the surf.  

The inspiration in nature abounds. It's amazing what a little fresh air can do for your creativity. While I was floating in the water letting the waves roll over me, I was motivated to create a Gratitude Set with sea stones from the beach. Its beauty is both simple and stunning, just like the ocean itself. In pretty pink gel ink I wrote my wishes on the smooth white stones and laid them on top of the lions paw shell. I loved it so much, I  created set for you. I have a few left in the shop.

After filling up on the good vibes at the shore, I planned by weekend's events. I set out to create a water centerpiece for our New Moon Circle in honor the Cancer crab but not just any water, "special" water. As Dr. Emoto said, "human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water."

During our Circle at the beginning of the year we attached our wishes and intentions to reiki-infused water and filled it with luck, abundance and success (aka Aventurine crystals to bring all that we desire into our life for the first half of the year). Now it was time to infuse a little more for the second half.

abundance water.jpg

I poured this "aged" - LOL water into the vessel to infuse our gathering with strong Good Vibe Tribe consciousness. I added gratitude blessings and wishing stones to invoke potency for the second half of the year as I performed reiki among the flowers and candles. 

This was symbolic of how much you all have "filled" me up and nourished my vision of creating a commUNITY. 

Our energy is boundless. 

Thank you all.